Anne Mann

Anne’s Favourite – Food for the Heart and Soul

In 2010 I published my first cookbook which was the sum of almost 50 years experience creating, enjoying and sharing food with family and friends. It has sold almost 1000 copies in our small area of Southwestern Ontario and everywhere I go people stop to tell me how much they enjoy the book.

In January of 2012 I was given a new challenge – to continue to enjoy and share food without wheat, rye or barley! I was so thankful that my Celiac diagnosis came after Anne’s Favourites was out in print because it would have been so difficult to finish without being able to taste the food as I retested the recipes.

I am fortunate to have a BASc in Nutrition, experience as a bakery owner and above all a passion for baking so the gluten-free life does not get me down too much! This blog is my venture into the next stage of my cookbook career – adapting my favourites for Celiacs.


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