Corrections – Anne’s Favourites Cookbook

I was totally unprepared for the amount of time it took to edit  my cookbook for publication. It took 40 hours to read it through and that needed to be done about 8 times (should have been at least one more but I couldn’t do it!), checking all the ingredients and instructions to make sure they matched and nothing was typed in wrong. I thought since I had made each recipe a number of times from the draft it would be correct in the book. I had no idea there was so much room for error as print is formatted to look good on the page…. whole lines disappear, words get moved or lost and every time you correct something there is a chance you made another error in that process!

I am so thankful to Carolyn Klymco at Ampersand Printing for her patience with these edits after we submitted the manuscript or the book would have been full of errors. I doubt another printer would have been so helpful.

Despite the hours of editing and help from Claudia and Nick and the Irwins there are some corrections that you should be aware of if you are cooking with this book:

Pg 86      Whole Wheat Flax Bread – In the instructions it should just be 1 cup of whole wheat flour added in the initial mixing. I also missed adding the flax seed in the instructions for the remaining addition.

Pg 95       Bath Buns – It should be only ½ recipe of the sweet roll dough that you add the extra ingredients to.

Pg 113     Lemon Loaf – It should be ½ cup of yogurt or milk

Pg 152     Gluten-free Muffins – Now that I have been baking gluten-free for a year I would not include a separate recipe for gluten-free muffins. I would substitute my GF all purpose flour with a ½ tsp xanthan gum per cup for the wheat flour and try the recipes in the book. I have brought Banana, Pumpkin, Mincemeat, Prune Spice, Chocolate Zucchini and Orange Almond for coffee break and nobody at Cliff’s Plumbing & Heating  complains.

Pg 160     Ranger Cookies – there should be a cup of all purpose flour as well as the whole wheat. I made them myself out of the book and they were still quite good – just flatter and crisper!

Pg 170     Chow Mien Chocolate Drops – Spelling of chow mien in title. I corrected it in the body of the text but the titles don’t show up in the spell check! When I checked the spelling in the index to see if it was corrected I saw that it was missed in the index!

Pg 208    Orange Carrot Cake –  The ingredient list is correct but the instructions say baking soda and it should say baking powder.

Please let me know if you notice any other errors or omissions!


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